Woodpecker Implanter


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The device is equipped with a lowering tip, it makes it possible to prepare a bed for implant placement.

A large touch screen makes it much easier to operate the instrument and gives an ideal visualization of the preset values.

It is used for high-precision dental implant procedure. Providing the dentist controlled speed and torque to increase accuracy.

Quiet and high quality Swiss motor that is comfortable for the patient to reduce the anxiety.

In stock

  • Dental Implant Unit including Optic Motor and 20:1 Implant Handpiece
  • 8 pre-set programmes enables simple operation;
  • Positioning – Accurate positioning oon the alveolar bone by using a positioning drill
  • Hole Drilling – Determine the direction and depth of hole drilling
  • Hole Broadening – Determine the diameter of the hole
  • Tapping – Make a thread to match the implant
  • Implanting – Place the implant
  • Setting – Setting a closure cap, screw a nut onto the implant
  • Free Mode – speed range up to 40,000 rpm for other clinical procedures
  • Cleaning – System flush
  • The Implant unit includes a multi function foot pedal which is able to select programme, water flow, forward / reverse and dynamic control of the handpiece speed (rotation speed according to pressure on pedal)