Woodpecker Implant Air


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The Woodpecker Implant Air is the latest and most advanced version of implant motor from Woodpecker that is completely redesigned to be simple, precise and reliable for your implant surgery.

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Continuous Torque Output that is Precise & Reliable

On this implant motor the torque is displayed in “real time” and will stay at the preset torque value during the procedure, allowing the practitioner to have confidence that the torque did not auto-stop or reduce during implant placement. When the torque reaches its preset value it will stay at this value without automatic stop that can create insufficient torque output with other motors.

Torque Range: (20:1) 5Ncm to 80Ncm

Automatic Calibration that is Convenient & Ensures Accuracy.

The Implant Air Implant Motor features automatic torque calibration upon powering on the motor to ensure absolute accuracy and eliminating manual operational steps.

Compact Design & User Friendly Interface

The Implant Air Implant Motor is designed with space savings in mind. Its compact design is perfect for space savings in your operatory and has a much smaller foot print than other implant motors available. This is not your typical “clunky” implant motor.

  • Length 6.1 inches (155mm)
  • Width 6.5 inches (167mm)
  • Height 8.9 inches (227mm)

The 5 inch color LCD touchscreen is user friendly and easy to understand. It has 5 pre-set surgical programs and automatically saves the parameters after each operation.

Ultra Quiet Peristaltic Pump that is Convenient to Use

The Implant Motor water pump has a waterproof design to prevent any occurrence of circuit board burnout. Simple and user friendly connect for water supply and is adaptable to using a disposable water source.

Max Water Volume: 135ml/minute

Multi-Function Foot Pedal

The Woodpecker Implant Air Implant Motor foot pedal has 1) water volume control 2) program switching 3) forward and reverse and 4) speed control. This allows you to free your hands and focus on the implant procedure.

Swiss Motor is Strong & Powerful – German Handpiece Bearing Stable & Durable

The Woodpecker Implant Air features a Swiss Motor producing torque of 80N cm and an LED 20:1 Handpiece with German bearings allowing for maximum stability and durability.