Woodpecker Ai-Pex Apex Locator


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The Woodpecker Ai-Pex Apex locator with built in pulp tester function.

A sleek, wireless model with a bright 3.8″ LCD Touch Screen across a 5″ Display, magnetic stand,98% Accuracy, and ability to connect to an Endo motor.

In stock

Compatible with the ENDO SMART PLUS endodontic motor activating automatic functions such as: Auto Reverse.

Its big, multicolored, bright and clear LCD screen (3,8”), allows easy tracking of the file’s path in various colors.

Sound feedback: if the recorded measurement is less than 1.5, the instrument emits a low frequency “beep”. The closer the tip is to the apex, the higher the frequency. When the apex is reached, the equipment emits a continuous high frequency “beep”. (Adjustable volume)

Its automatic calibration after power-up ensures more accurate measurements.

Unique, elegant and modern design, with a large, easy-to-read display and a magnetic base that allows for perfect positioning of the display (360º rotation and free tilt adjustment).

With 24 months warranty on units and 6 months on accessories, you can count on RUMAR’s service and the experience of Woodpecker-DTE, with 25 years innovating in the dental equipment sector.