How does fast tracking a case work?

If you wish to fast track a case, please give us a call and we will confirm if we can complete this case in the short time frame. We will give you a reference number to write on the lab form. Some cases are not possible on the fast track, these are chrome dentures, flexible dentures, anything containing precious or semi-precious alloy, and soft inside – hard outside night guard.

Can I prescribe a flexible denture for a full arch?

We do not recommend prescribing a full arch flexible denture.

What is the price of gold?

Gold is priced via the weight of the alloy used. We cannot give you an exact quote, predictions only.

What is the difference between your non-precious, semi-precious and precious alloy?

Non-precious = Cobalt Chromium
Semi-precious = Palladium
Precious = Gold

Do any of your materials contain Nickel?

No, we use Nickel free materials.

Can I borrow a facebow?

Yes, we have a facebow that you can hire when it is available. We will add a charge for this on your invoice, however this will be credited once the facebow has been returned.

Can I send a digital impression?

Yes, we have a dedicated digital team. Please contact 01 699 1588 for more information.

How do I send a digital impression?

This can vary depending on the scanner you have. For more information please visit Intraoral Scanner Connection page.

When do I receive my statement?

Statements are sent out via email on the last working day of each month. Please ensure you have registered an online account with us to receive the statement.

When do I receive my invoices?

Physical invoices are sent with the completed lab work. Where the lab work is made in multiple stages you may receive a separate invoice for each stage. You can download copies of invoices from your online account.

Why do I need an online account?

An online account is vital to receive your monthly statement via email. By accessing this account, you can view ongoing and past cases, download past invoices,
and download past statements.

How do I set up an online account?

Log on to our Online Lab System to set up an account.

When should invoices be paid?

We have 15 days from the date of statement payment policy.

How do I pay?

Payments can be made via bacs transfer:

Account Name: MediMatch Dental Laboratory Ireland LTD
Account Number: 93 89 50 74
Sort Code: 93-33-84


Cheque, these should be made out to MediMatch Dental Lab and be signed and dated.


We accept card payments over the phone. Please give us a call if you wish to pay over the phone.
Please note there are additional business to business charges for this.

  • Mastercard Debit: 0.30% plus 18p
  • Mastercard Credit: 1.91% plus 18p
  • Debit: 0.30% plus 18p
  • Credit: 1.91% plus 18p
  • American Express: 3.893%

How do I send my work?

You can request your collection here or alternatively you can call our office on 01 699 1588 to organise a collection.