Carestream Dental

The Scanner

Carestream Dental intraoral scanners transform your practice by helping you and your patients move quickly and comfortably from exam to treatment. And now, with two great scanners to choose from, you can find a solution that meets your exact clinical needs for fast, easy and accurate digital imaging.

The CS 3700 is a high performing scanner with turbo speed, an ergonomic grip, and an option wrist strap to avoid damage from dropping.

A hallmark of Studio F. A. Porsche. Ergonomic design perfected by Studio F. A. Porsche. Advanced functionality centred around your personal workflow needs. Performance that sets a new bar for intraoral scanning.

Setting the tone

Available in Arctic White and Carbon Grey, so you can match the aesthetics of your practice.

Shades of intelligence.
Patented Smart-shade matching provides automatic selection and recording of shade information.

Workflow freeflow.
Revolutionary new workflow lets users navigate freely among different clinical applications, including restorative, orthodontic, implant and sleep device.

Gripping curves.
An ergonomically optimal grip channel empowers oral health professionals with a balanced sense of scanner control.

The added touch.
Touchscreen capability eliminates the extra steps of operation caused by switching back and forth between the scanner and the mouse.

Precision, accelerated.
The CS 3700 features turbo speed scanning that’s tested and proven to scan in vitro single arches in 30 seconds, 1 with the same proven accuracy as the CS 3600.

Strapping in.
The optional wrist strap connects user to the device for optimal control and care of the scanner

Show your true colors.

Our patented Smart-shade colour matching technology analyses more data than other intraoral scanners, automatically detecting the enamel colour of the scan area to identify the ideal match.

We approach colour from all angles.

We don’t determine the shade from a single RGB value. Instead, the CS 3700 features Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF), which uses triangulation to factor in both the direction of illumination and the detection, providing more true-to-life colour matching.

Shades of intelligence.

Unlike other systems, which collect color values from a single view, the CS 3700 collects actual shade values from several views of the tooth surface, leading to a more accurate match.

Texture-Based Shade Matching

CS 3700

Smart-shade matching report.

In a single click, Smart-shade matching automatically generates a shade report for the selected area of interest, allowing users to easily share the outcome with the dental lab or referral.

Calibrated for brilliance.

The CS 3700 comes out of the box calibrated to provide the most reliable and stable shade matching results. Then, after 50 hours of usage, the smart-calibration tool alerts the user to calibrate the scanner through a simple 12-second guided calibration on a grey card.

Workflows that let you work freely.

CS ScanFlow software completely redefines intraoral scanning workflow. Unlike other scanning acquisition software, CS ScanFlow is completely open, letting you work freely among different clinical applications with unlimited workflow capacity, expanded processing options, one-click export and touchscreen capabilities.

Unlimited workflow capacity.
The completely new workflow design lets users navigate freely among different workflows from a single scan.

Expanded processing.
Expands data processing options, processing datasets quickly and accurately.

Hybrid scanning.
Enhances the capture of challenging data with hybrid scanning restorative and implant-borne restorative workflows.

Touchscreen capabilities.
An intuitive interface delivers direct software interaction via streamlined touchscreen navigation.

One-click export.
Simplifies data export and exchange.

Shift your scanning into turbo.

The CS 3700 doesn’t just provide fast scanning. It provides turbo speed scanning. In fact, this scanner has been tested and proven to scan in vitro single arches in 30 seconds when the recommended PC configuration is used. That’s 20% faster than our previous scanner, without any compromise to the accuracy of the datasets.

Processing that stays up to speed.

Turbo speed scanning requires turbo speed processing. The CS ScanFlow software lets you select from multiple processing options to ensure the best option for your indication, while giving you an average of 60% time savings on refinement.3


  • Eliminate disruptions in your workflow
  • Save time while treating more patients
  • Perform a wide range of procedures
  • Enjoy open and flexible workflows for any lab setup
  • Improve accuracy, precision and limit manual errors
  • Choose full HD 3D colour or monochromatic scanning

The CS 3700 delivers a high-performance scanning experience that takes you in any direction you want to go. Prestigious design―by Studio F. A. Porsche. Turbo-speed scanning. Patient- and practitioner-centric workflows. Smart-shade matching. Touchscreen capabilities. With the CS 3700, compromise is a thing of the past.

CS ScanFlow

CS ScanFlow integrates with your CS 3700 to provide you with unlimited workflow capacity, faster scanning, expanded processing options, one-click export and touchscreen capabilities.

User-friendly CS ScanFlow software lets you pursue any indication from a single scan.

Drive better outcomes

With next-level technology, exceptional versatility and improved scanning views, the CS 3700:

  • Smart-shade matching automatically detects the enamel colour of the scan area to identify the ideal match for optimum restorative outcomes
  • Features hybrid scan capabilities, enabling you to merge a partial impression with a digital in vivo scan into a single file
  • Provides a clearer view of the live scan, thanks to more scan space real estate

How to Send Digital Impressions

Whether you take digital or traditional impressions, we can help you with all.