NextDent Tray


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High-quality material for 3D printing trays.

Leading Dental Materials for 3D Printing

NextDent Tray is a biocompatible Class I material designed to print individual impression trays. The material distinguishes itself through high printing speed and accuracy. NextDent Tray resin enables technicians to make even the most complex trays in a matter of minutes.

The printed trays are rigid and suitable for all types of impression material, making high-quality, high-precision impressions possible.


PropertyRequirementResultISO standard
Ultimate Flexural strength≥ 50 MPa81ISO 20795-1
Flexural modulus≥ 1500 MPa2015ISO 20795-1
Residual monomer≤ 2,2 % (w/w)< 0,1ISO 20795-1
BiocompatibilityNon-cytotoxicComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNon-mutagenicComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNot a sensitizerComplyISO 10993-1
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Blue, Pink