Phrozen Gingiva Mask Resin


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Gingiva Mask Resin is a soft material with high elasticity and dimensional stability, specifically designed for dentistry.

It’s easy to trim into the desired shape, and showcase an excellent color stability. Ideal for printing:

  • Gum tissues for dentures adjustment

In stock

Mainly used in conjunction with dental models, the Gingiva Mask Resin is suitable for printing gums tissue on dental implant models and crown and bridge models.

Made to simulate the look and feel of oral soft tissues, it allows the technician to perfectly adjust the dentures according to the intraoral condition of the patient.

  • high elasticity – the material is soft with high elasticity.
  • high dimensional stability – Gingiva Mask Resin is very precise and accurate.
  • excellent color stability – the color was designed to simulate the look of oral soft tissue.
  • easy to cut and trim – because of the mechanical properties, the resin is easy to post-process after printing.
  • ideal for dental applications – Gingiva Mask Resin is dedicated to printing gum tissues on dental implant models and crown and bridge models and simulating the look and feel of oral soft tissues.

Specification Phrozen Gingiva Mask Resin

Viscosity1900-2000 cps
Density1.18 g/cm3
Surface Hardness45 Shore A