Woodpecker Surgic Touch


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The Third Generation Of Woodpecker Piezo Bone Surgery.

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Clinical application:

Minimally invasive tooth extraction, Intralift, Sinus Lift, Alveoloplasty, Apical cyst extraction, Crown Extension, Crest splitting, etc.

Micron Cutting:

  • The vibration amplitude of tip is between 20-100um.
  • The minimum surgical incision is 3.5mm long, 0.5mm wide, which will help with small operating area and fast postoperative recovery.

Selective cutting with no injury to soft tissue:

For soft tissues (neural, blood vessels and mucous membranes, etc.), there is no cutting effect, which can protect the vascular nerve of the operation area to a large extent, greatly reducing the risk of injuring soft tissues (neural, vascular, mucosal, etc.)

Cold Cutting Mode:

Ultrasonic technology produces very little heat while cutting. And iced water can quickly cool the tip and ensure the temperature below 38°C. At the same time, the water spray flushes the wound during operation, bringing no bleeding and enabling clear vision of operation area, which makes it easy to operate.

High-performance Handpiece:

Optimized handpiece with stronger sealing technology. High temperature cooking disinfection causes no loss of performance. High-brightness LED brings clearer operating vision. Bringing doctor better clinical application experience.