Implant screwdriver


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Implant Prosthetics Fastening: Screwdriver is used to remove and fasten implant prosthetics, applicable for tightening clinical and prosthetic screws to the correct torsion value.

Dental Implant Tool: Implant screwdriver is applicable for assisting dental implant, important and necessary tool for dentist and student, practical for use.


  • Metal Material: Dental implant screwdriver is made of high-grade metal material, strong and durable, not easy to damage.
  • Multiple Applicable Place: Light weight and in small size, easy to store and carry, can be easily put into your bag, perfect for dental clinics and hospital.
  • Heat Resistant: Micro implant screwdriver can withstand high temperature and pressure, making it more convenient and safer to use.
  • Easy to Clean: This metal implant screwdriver adopts advanced production process, which is easy to clean and very practical.
  • Dental Tools: Metal implant screwdriver is a good tool for dentists and students, so they are able to use it to practice implantation.
  • Applicable System: This implant screwdriver tool is widely used in for Strauman, for Trausim, for Bioconcept.

Nob – Nobel Biocare, ITI, SPI – SpotImplant, 1.0, 1.15, 1.2, 1.25, 1.27, 1.4, Set of 18 (Includes all)