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Elevate your proficiency in restorative dentistry through our specialized 2 day course, meticulously curated for dentists seeking mastery in advanced techniques.

This comprehensive program focuses on key aspects, including rubber dam application, posterior composites, onlays, tooth preparations, and cementation, providing a holistic approach to enhancing your clinical skills.

Time: 9AM – 6.30PM (on both days)

Location: MediMatch Dental Laboratory, Unit 2, The Works, Colville Road, London, W3 8BL

Included: Lunch, 16 hours of verifiable CPD

Objectives for Day 1 – Posterior Composites

  1. Understand the principles and benefits of using a rubber dam and gain proficiency in isolating a quadrant using a rubber dam.
  2. Understand and apply the composite workflow and bonding protocol.
  3. Learn about composite materials and their application in Class 1 and Class 2 restorations, focusing on:
  • Optimal cavity design for composite restorations.
  • Establishing reliable contact points with Class 2 restorations.
  1. Master techniques in matrix selection, specifically for Class 2 restorations, and immediate dentine sealing techniques.
  2. Simplify occlusal anatomy in restorative procedures.
  3. Develop skills in finishing, polishing, and the composite stamp technique, along with evaluating occlusion as part of the finishing process.
  4. Develop skills in photographing and editing images of posterior restorations.

Objectives for Day 2 – Onlays, preparation and cementation

  1. Rubberdam Isolation and Occlusal Assessment
  • Understand the importance of rubberdam isolation in restorative procedures and learn effective application techniques for posterior teeth.
  • Develop foundational skills in occlusal assessment to facilitate comprehensive treatment planning, enhancing your capability to manage entire quadrants effectively.
  1. Biological and Material Considerations
  • Discuss Biological and Material Considerations for Broken Teeth, Heavily Restored Teeth, and Root-Treated Teeth in relation to to ceramic and composite restorations.
  1. Preparation Protocols
  • Learn step-by-step procedures for preparing teeth for ceramic and composite onlays.
  • Explore Preparation Design and Margin Types for optimal restoration success and correct bur selection.
  • Understand the importance of preserving tooth structure during preparation
  • Implement Immediate Dentine Sealing techniques for enhanced bond strength and pulp protection.
  • Study various materials and techniques used in core build-up procedures, including deep margin elevation, composite core build ups in different clinical scenarios.
  • Efficient tips and tricks to enhance Onlay preparations

4. Digital Impressions and Lab Communication**

  • Explore the use of digital impression systems in fabricating onlays.
  • Understand the advantages and limitations of digital impressions over traditional methods.
  • Understand the importance of effective communication with dental laboratories, including Digital Scanning and Laboratory Prescriptions.

5. Temporisation

  • Learn to fabricate and adjust reliable temporary restorations for onlays.
  • Understand the role of temporization in maintaining periodontal health.
  1. Cementation
  • Explore different cementation protocols for ceramic onlays using both heated composite and dual cure resin cements.
  • Practice hands-on cementation protocols to ensure a strong bond and longevity of the onlay and efficient clean up.
  1. Finishing and Adjustments
  • Master the art of finishing and polishing ceramic onlays for optimal aesthetics.
  • Learn to make occlusal adjustments without compromising the integrity of the restoration.
  1. Quadrant Dentistry
  • Discuss strategies for managing multiple restorations in a single quadrant.
  • Understand time management and workflow optimization in quadrant dentistry.
  1. Photography
  • Learn the basics of dental photography for documentation and patient communication.
  • Practice taking clinical photographs for case records and laboratory communication.
  • Focus on Posterior Photography Techniques for accurate documentation and analysis.

KOL Dr. Hassan Asad

Dr. Hassan Asad graduated with Distinction from Leeds Dental School, earning a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and an integrated Master’s in Oral Sciences. He has since demonstrated his commitment to Restorative Dentistry and Dental Aesthetics by pursuing and completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry. He has presented research at the prestigious International Association for Dental Research in Vancouver, and in 2020, he was awarded Dental Associate of the Year. With previous experience in reputable private clinics in London, he has recently relocated to Dubai to continue his clinical practice.

Dr. Hassan, also known as ‘The Bearded Tooth Fairy’, founded Deciduous and has lectured across the UK and, more recently, in Dubai, at conferences and clinical courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate dentists, sharing his passion for restorative dentistry and dental photography.


17th March — Day 1, 18th March — Day 2, 17th and 18th March — Day 1 + Day 2, Register your interest, 13th July — Day 1 (dentists and therapists), 14th July — Day 2 (only dentists), 13th and 14th July — Day 1 + Day 2 (only dentists), Register your interest