Phrozen Sonic Saber Ultrasonic Cutter


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Phrozen Sonic Saber is an ultrasonic cutter that cleans and precisely removes any support structures with 35,000 blade vibrations per second in no time at all.

The sharp corners and unwanted edges are easily trimmed, allowing every single detail of the model to shine.

With the cutter, accidental mistakes can be easily corrected, and individual areas can even be improved afterwards: the pointed blade even reaches the very deep and inaccessible areas.

With the Sonic Saber you can be creative with different materials: The cutter cuts from 0.01 to 0.1 cm thicknesses.

In stock

Benefits Phrozen Sonic Saber – The Ultrasonic Cutter

  • Remove Support Effortlessly Sonic Saber cuts through the supports fast and smoothly without leaving any marks.
  • Refine Models with High Accuracy With Sonic Saber’s accuracy, trimming joints, touching up errors, and refining models is as easy as it gets.
  • Cut Supports with Excellent Precision With ultrasonic vibration, Sonic Saber precisely cut supports even from narrow gaps that were unreachable with pliers.
  • Applicable for Cutting Various Materials Sonic Saber can cut through a wide range of materials, allowing you to create and craft any projects across your creative practices.

Specification Phrozen Sonic Saber – The Ultrasonic Cutter

Oscillation Frequency40 kHz
Dimensions Body129.1 x 125.3 x 70.5 mm
Dimensions Cutter133 x 30 mm
Weight300g (Handle 75g)
Handheld Cable Length1050 mm
PowerDC 12V;3A
Additional Blade18 x 4 x 0.38 Blade Angle: 30° sharp angle