Full Lower Acrylic Denture on Locator Abutment

Time to complete the case – 4 clinical visits:

Visit 1 • Primary implant level impression
Visit 2 • Record the bite
Visit 3 • Denture wax try-in
Visit 4 • Denture fit appointment

Laboratory stages

  1. Order the laboratory analogues, locator’s abutments and Male Processing Package
  2. Cast model from primary impression & make wax bite block
  1. Articulate models to bite supplied
  2. Wax up try-in with Locator abutments
  3. Finish denture in high impact heat cured veined acrylic
  1. Cold cure the metal housing under the denture


  • Low laboratory cost
  • Quick & easy to manufacture
  • Easy for the patient to remove & relocate even if manual dexterity is failing
  • Super easy to keep clean
  • Full functional appliance
  • Dentures have been shown to improve self-esteem in patients
  • Dentures support facial muscles and aid speech for patients


  • Can discolour from coffee, wine or cigarettes
  • Material can absorb bacteria and start to smell if the patient doesn’t clean it daily
  • The locator housings may lose some of their retentive properties after some time and need replacing
  • Patients may have difficulty eating for a short while & struggle getting used to their new denture