Clear Aligner Protocol

STEP 1 (In Surgery)

  • Initial consultation.
  • Intra-oral scan.
  • Send scan to the lab or via WeTransfer, or via your scanner’s portal.

STEP 2 (In Lab)

  • We will create your digital treatment plan.
  • The treatment plan will be checked by an orthodontist from smile align solutions.
  • We will send the final digital treatment plan to you.

STEP 3 (In Surgery)

  • Show the treatment plan to your patient and decide whether to go ahead with treatment or not.
  • Gain required written consent from your patient (we recommend iconsentu).
  • Inform the lab to print the aligners.

STEP 4 (in Lab)

  • We will print the first four aligners with attachment and Etching templat e only at this stage.

STEP 5 (In Surgery)

  • Carefully check the fit of the fist aligner.
  • When the patient moves onto the second aligner, check the fit again.
  • Inform the lab of the fit accuracy of the first and second aligner.

STEP 6 (In Lab)

  • Given that the fit was good, we will print the next 4 steps of the aligners for the whole treatment.
  • The rest will be followed on request, please tell us 7-10 working days before needed.