Diatech ShapeGuard Composite Polishing Plus Kit


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Adapts to any surface. Uniform pressure distribution due to flexible lamellas meaning morphology of the tooth is preserved. Fast, easy and intuitive finishing and polishing. Optimised polishing systems for composite and ceramics. Outstanding high lustre polishing results.

In stock

Strong in polishing but gentle on surfaces.

This kit offers a comprehensive selection of silicone polishers for prepolishing (purple polishers) and high luster polishing (blue polishers) of composite restorations.

While minipoints are used to smoothen and polish interproximal and hard to reach occlusal areas, the cups are especially indicated for cusp polishing, but also occlusal polishing in general.

DIATECH ShapeGuard is used to polish larger surface areas. Due to its flexible lamellas, it adapts to any surface so that the morphology of the tooth is preserved.