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With control of functionality right on the hand piece, including scanning modes, you’ll spend less time switching back and forth between the screen and your patient.

With its USB Type-C connection, the IS 3800 derives its power directly from the computer without the need for additional power cables.

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DEXIS Intraoral Scanners seamlessly integrate into your dental workflow, helping you to simplify processes, increase productivity, and facilitate practice expansion.

Ultra-lightweight and compact

Weighing only 190 grams, the IS 3800 is one of the lightest intraoral scanners in the market with a compact form factor that fits comfortably in your hand.

Replaceable locking-cable

A locking mechanism on the replaceable cable ensures a secure connection between the scanner and the computer, helping to eliminate accidental disconnection during use.

USB powered

With its USB Type-C connection, the IS 3800 derives its power directly from the computer without the need for additional power cables.

Supports high volume scanning

High volume practices such as Dental Service Organizations (DSO), clinics, hospitals, and educational institutions may prefer the wired IS 3800 scanner over the wireless alternative due to its continuous power.

DEXIS™ IOS Solutions. Expand your digital workflow.

CS Model

No more plaster
Create accurate digital models for orthodontic applications and eliminate the hassles and costs of plaster models with CS Model.

The perfect fit
Whether you use traditional or digital impression methods, CS Model is designed to fit easily into your current workflow – so the perfect digital model is just minutes away.

Quality results, every time
The software automatically creates the base and trims for consistency.

CS Model+

New and improved
CS Model+ is a fast, intuitive solution, one that enables you to evaluate your digital
models and create virtual orthodontic setups in minutes.

Improved case acceptance
Patients can better understand their treatment and more effectively visualize potential
outcomes, creating a boost in case acceptance.

Open more doors with open formats
Open files allow you or your lab to use your preferred design software, and in-office
printing is easier with one button transfer to SprintRay® and Formlabs®.

IS Connect

Export your way
Export data with one click using your preferred export format, including STL, PLY, OBJ, DWOS XOrder, and exocad Dental project.

Say goodbye to courier issues
Reduce shipping costs and delays, manual tasks and streamline your data transmission.

A safer alternative
Digital file transfer helps keep everyone safe and healthy by eliminating the multiple manual touchpoints related to producing and shipping manual impressions.

Real time updates
Keep you and your patients up to date by checking the status of any case online from any computer with internet access.

Upload and access files when it suits
Both you and your chosen lab can upload and access files whenever it’s convenient. Plus, all cases are retained for one year, so it’s always available when you need it.

Third-party printer integration
You’re always one click away from printing software with IS Connect. Easily turn your prepared model from IS ScanFlow into a prepared 3D model print.


Accurately complete scans in as little as two minutes using IS ScanFlow and DTX Studio Clinic powered by AI technology.


Utilize robust workflow solutions with AI Assist or share realistic 3D captured imagery with patients to increase patient acceptance.


Control how you fabricate with open files. Transmit data securely to your preferred in-office 3D printer or milling system.


Patients will appreciate intraoral scanning and the digital treatment planning experience for its comfort, speed and convenience.

Comparison Table: DEXIS IS 3800 vs DEXIS IS 3800 wireless

IS 3800WIS 3800
Field of viewNormal: 18.9 x 16.9 mm,
Side: 20 x 15.5 mm
Normal: 18.9 x 16.9 mm,
Side: 20 x 15.5 mm
Depth of field-2 to 16 mm-2 to 16 mm
Weight240 g
inc. battery
190 g
exc. cable
Autoclavable normal,
side and posterior tips
110 cycles110 cycles
Intraoral 2D imageDirect CaptureDirect Capture
Highly accurate datasetsHigherHigher
File export typesSTL, PLY, OBJ, xOrder for
DWOS, Dentalproject for
STL, PLY, OBJ, xOrder for
DWOS, Dentalproject for
Dimensions without cable226 x 38 x 50 mm226 x 38 x 50 mm
Anti-foggingQuiet fan warms tip/cools
Quiet fan warms tip/cools
Single arch scan speed*25 seconds25 seconds
Quadrant snapshot reports for
orthodontic summary
Improved color mesh
Anti-reflective mode
Design by Studio F. A. Porsche
Gesture motion control

Gesture Motion Control

The IS 3800 handpiece features an embedded sensor that lets you orient the digital model on screen by simply rotating the scanner, eliminating the need to use the mouse.

Interchangeable tips

Three styles are provided to optimize scanning comfort. The tips can be autoclaved up to 110 times, reducing consumable costs and ensuring proper sterilization.