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Counsel patients using the results of the 3D face scan analysis.

Predictive analytics and the actual treatment process are flexibly linked, increasing adherence in treatment, and making it easier to proceed with complex cases.

3D Face scanner for smile design

Smile design increases case acceptance

  • After scanning with RAYFace, you can show the images to the patients who have access to the Smile Library.
  • Mock-up veneer can then be produced immediately using a 3D printer and then used for patient try-in.
  • Mock-up veneer is a temporary tooth for upper anterior teeth printed by RAYDENT Studio (3D printer).

Convenient patient photography

  • Taking pictures of patients has become easy.
  • Easy software operation and fast scanning have minimized
  • the inconveniences for patients and operators.

Various application scenarios

Dental clinical applications

3D scanning technology helps you realize your clinical ideas multifacetedly.
One can utilize it for orthodontics, implants, aesthetic, and complex prosthetic treatments.

Scenario 1. Smile design consultation
Apply patient smile design virtually for effective consultation.

Scenario 2. Mock-up veneer / consultation
Create a mock-up veneer obtained through RAYFace and RAYDENT designer (CAD) directly with a 3D printer.
Increase case acceptance rate by showcasing the mock-up veneer to the patient.

Scenario 3. DOD and prosthetic fabrication without CT
Even without the CT, you can easily use the DOD solution with the help of RAYFace and specially designed Facial Scanbody. This allows you to reproduce the patient’s digital face-bow, mounting more conveniently.
Facial Scan Body: Matches the patient teeth data with the 3D face data

Scenario 4. DOD, surgical guide and prosthetic fabrication with CT
Full DOD (Digital oral design) solution linked to CT helps to make a more accurate diagnosis in the field of orthodontics, implants, and prosthetics.

The field of plastic surgery and game industry

  • Plastic surgery consultation
  • CG