Dental Milling Machines Vhf K5


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The 5-axis milling machine for dry machining

The K5 is a 5-axis machine designed for precision and longevity. A massive bed of cast aluminum means the K5 is extremely stable during milling and as such is one of the few bench top machines robust enough to handle milling of chrome-cobalt. A special design creates an internal vacuum in the milling chamber, drawing damaging debris and powders away from the spindle, contributing to extended spindle life. The K5 b-axis will rotate up to 35 degrees, making the milling of thicker elements like models a snap. The higher rotation range also allows for the milling of discs up to 40mm thick.

K5 lets you machine a wide range of materials and indications: blanks and blocks of wax, plastics, model plaster, zirconium oxide and composites up to non-precious alloys on cobalt-chrome basis.

Unparalleled precision

  • Restorations in ultra HD
  • Premium spindle with 4-fold hybrid ceramic ball bearings for highest running smoothness
  • 3 microns repetition accuracy

Powerful and robust

  • Mills the toughest materials on the market, including CoCr
  • 500 watts of power and 60,000 RPM
  • Heavy industrial quality

Maximum independence

  • Unlimited material accessibility in 98 mm disc format, block and prefab holders available
  • Covers the broadest range of indications, due to ± 35° rotation angle in the 5th axis, and up to 40 mm blanks
  • Ideal for frameworks (RPD), full dentures, models, surgical guides and most other indications in prosthodontics and implantology

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