Woodpecker iLED II Wireless Light Cure


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Wireless curing light with an attractive design, which translates into maximum working comfort thanks to its light weight and ergonomic shape and its 360º rotation of its head. With an unprecedented cure speed. It can solidify 2mm of composite in one second making the iled the fastest in its class.

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Upgraded focused light output

The emission wavelength range of iLed || Wide Spectrum Curing Light is 385nm-515nm, mainly adding the wave band of 385nm-420nm The additional band can better curing the resin materials containing new-style photoinitiators such as iLed II Spectral Curve and Resin Spectral Absorptivity TPO. For example, restoration materials such as Tetric N—Ceram Bulk Fill(Ivoclar), Amelogen Plus (Ultradent), and ENA Hn(Micerium). The additional wave band can also reduce the risk of resin shedding and incomplete curing.

The light absorbing peak of traditional materials(containing camphorquinone, the red line above), is 460nm, so the curing can be done both ordinary Curing Light and Wide Spectrum Curing Light. However,the camphorquinone is yellowish and it is not suitable to add large amount of it to bleached resin or light-colored resin. The light absorbing peak of new material (including TPO, the blue line above )is 405nm. iLed Il owns additional wave band of 385nm-420nm which can better curing these materials. TPO is white and is suitable for being added to bleached resins and light-colored resin.

Intensity up to 3000 mw/cm², 1 Sec for curing

3 Modes for option; With the highest intensity up to 2700-3000 mw/cm², curing 2 mm resin in 1 second. Which make it especially suitable for orthodontic brackets, porcelain veneers, postcore adhesives and pit and fissure sealant.

3 modes for option

Normal mode:
intensity 1000-1200 mW/cm², possible duration 5s, 10 s, 15 s, 20 s

Intensity mode:
intensity 1800-2000 mW/cm², possible duration 2 seconds, 5 seconds

Turbo mode:
intensity 2700-3000 mW/cm², possible duration 1s, 3s