vhf Precision Journey to Germany


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Location: Lettenstraße 10, 72119 Ammerbuch, Germany

Dates: 15th August 2024 – 16th August 2024

What’s included:

  • Comprehensive hands-on training sessions by vhf
  • Workflow workshop with KOL Dr Kavit Shah
  • Networking dinner hosted by MediMatch Dental and vhf (on the 15th)
  • Surprise activity (on the 15th)
  • Lunch organized by vhf (on the 16th)
  • In-depth insights into vhf milling machines
  • Tour of the vhf head quarters
  • Transport from and to Stuttgart airport
  • CPD certificate

Additional information: Closest Airport: Stuttgart Airport (approx. 26.1 miles), Frankfurt Airport (approx. 175 miles). Please arrange your own flight to arrive by the afternoon of the 15th at the latest. On the 16th, plan your departure after 7 pm to avoid any rush. We will arrange your transport to and from the airport. Hotel Recommendation: We will update you with hotel recommendations in March 2024.

Special Offer

Embark on an unparalleled 2-day trip with MediMatch Dental as we immerse ourselves in the forefront of dental innovation at the vhf headquarters in Germany. This exclusive trip is curated to provide dentists with an in-depth understanding of vhf and the milling machines that define modern dentistry.

Day 1: Welcome Reception and Networking Dinner

Kickstart your journey with a warm welcome, a delightful dinner at a prestigious restaurant hosted by MediMatch Dental and vhf, setting the stage for an evening of valuable connections within the dental community. This will be followed by a surprise activity arranged by vhf.

Day 2: Hands-On Training at vhf Headquarters

Day 2 is dedicated to immersive training sessions, led by vhf experts, providing you with unparalleled insights into their cutting-edge milling machines.

Here’s what awaits you

Unveiling Machine Mastery: Delve into the intricacies of vhf milling machines, exploring both dry and wet milling machines, machines running with compressors, and those without, including the aligner cutter vhf E3. Gain firsthand knowledge from the creators themselves, setting you apart with pre-purchase expertise.

Milling Machine Applications: Discover the extensive range of indications and materials that vhf machines can seamlessly mill, from crowns and bridges to intricate dental prosthetics. Unlock the full potential of vhf technology for diverse applications in your dental practice.

Integrated Workflows: Explore the seamless integration of vhf milling machines with popular workflows such as Medit, Exocad, iTero and more. Learn how these machines can enhance your existing digital workflows (focusing on E4).

In-Depth Machine Features: Dive deep into the distinctive features of each vhf machine, understanding the unique features that set them apart in the dental technology landscape. From precision to speed, grasp how vhf machines can meet the exact demands of your dental work.

Optimal Machine Maintenance: Ensure the longevity and peak performance of your vhf milling machines with insights into proper maintenance practices. Learn from experts about routine care, troubleshooting, and best practices, allowing you to start utilizing your machine immediately post-purchase.

The training sessions are tailored to your needs, offering a flexible and personalized learning experience. A dinner and networking reception organized by MediMatch Dental and vhf provides an opportunity for participants to recharge and network. By the end of this immersive 2-day journey, you’ll not only be proficient in vhf technology but also have established valuable connections with the vhf team and fellow dental professionals.


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