Medit i600


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Take full control of your scanning with clicks of one button. No need for numerous cables and hubs!
Simply Plug & Scan using a single cable for direct connection with a PC. Transmits vivid scan data via the same new optical system used in the Medit i700


  • Room to room mobility with USB 3.0 connection
  • Scanning area was 14×13 now 15×13
  • Accuracy twice as good for full arch
  • 180-degree rotation on tip
  • 45-degree mirror angle vs 40 – distal second molars
  • 100 uses for the tips autoclave vs 50
  • Scans up to 30 frames per second
  • Remote control button – switch between scan stages / rotate without having to go back to keyboard
  • Vibration when break continuity with scan
  • Coverage of internal hardware

The Simplest. The Easiest.

180° Reversible Tip

Scan Start Button

Detachable Cable

Easy Does It All

Medit i600 can be directly connected to the PC using just one cable, eliminating limitations of wired devices between chairs and clinics for a wider scope of treatment using scanners.

Larger Scan Area (Compared to the i500)

A larger scan area (15X13mm) captures more in one swipe for a more convenient scanning experience.

Astonishing Scanning Experience

The Brain of the i700 with a Splash of Color

245g featherweight with improved grip for comfort.

Improved speed and optimal scanned images deliver a smoother scanning experience. Smooth like silk, regardless of PC specs.

Transmits vivid scan data via the new optical system used in the Medit i700.

The digital workflow begins with accurate data. Medit i600 precisely acquires data for effortless digital dentistry. Full-arch accuracy: 10.9 μm ± 0.98

From simple operation using one button to software programs that make scanning easier. The i600 is everything that makes digital dentistry so easy.

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