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Wash+ provides a versatile and efficient way for cleaning 3D-printed dental parts, allowing dental professionals to fulfill various washing requirements within a single, swift cleaning cycle.

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Versatile Washing Solution for Dental 3D Printing

Equipped with a versatile dual tank system, you can utilize Wash+ to complete various washing procedures your workflow needs. Whether to perform a two-stage wash process, create a separate FDA and non-FDA cleaning operation, or employ both tanks to double your output, Wash+ is built to easily adapt to all your needs.

Seamlessly Optimize IPA/Alcohol Usage

Set up your Wash+ to perform a two-stage cleaning process. Start with cleaning in cloudy IPA for the 1st stage and in clean IPA for the 2nd stage to complete the process. You can utilize this approach to make the most efficient use of your IPA/alcohol resources.

Conveniently Separate FDA & Non-FDA IPA Wash

Set up your Wash+ to fulfill two different washing requirements and prevent cross-contaminated IPA altogether. This approach is perfect when working with FDA-biocompatible dental parts that require a separate IPA wash.

Efficiently 2x Your Wash Output

With each tank capable of fitting a 9.3″ building plate, you can set Wash+ to clean ±24 dental models in a single wash cycle, easily doubling the wash output of a single washing machine without any additional effort.

Technical Specifications Wash+

Washing Tank SizeL18.5 x W25 x H25 cm
Wash VolumeL12.5 x W20 x H10 cm (9.3” building plate)
Liquid CapacityUp to 7L per tank
User Control5” touch screen
Capacity up to 200 washing profiles
Solvent CompatibilityIsopropyl alcohol (IPA) 99%
Alcohol 95%
Product DimensionL39 x W28.5 x H40 cm
Rated PowerMax 48 W
Input Voltage24V DC : 2A